We are a trusted family run business established in Hervey Bay and proudly servicing the community since 1984 and have recently expanded into the 'Davis Smart Storage System' to compliment their removals, freighting & shipping services. A unique storage facility in which we bring the storage module to you eliminating the need for multiple handling and re-packing.
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It can be an absolute 'minefield' looking for the correct Customs Forms and/or information. You think you have covered everything but then somebody whispers in your ear and you suddenly realise this form or that application has not been completed.

If you are moving overseas, we can assist with the import and customs requirements for most countries.

We have also loaded a few links below that may be of some initial assistance to you. 

Australia Customs Service Australia Cargo Imports & Clearance Australia Quarantine
 New Zealand Customs Service  New Zealand Arrival Procedures  New Zealand Quarantine
 Canada Border Services  Canada Customs Forms  Canada Guides & Brochures
 HM Customs & Excise UK Customs Forms UK  UK Quarantine Service
 Japan Imports & Customs Hong Kong Customs  Korea Customs Services 
 US Customs Forms Mexico Customs  Phillippine Customs & Imports 
 Singapore Customs Malaysia Customs  South Africa Customs 
 Thailand Customs Services United Arab Emirates  Dubai Customs Services 


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