We are a trusted family run business established in Hervey Bay and proudly servicing the community since 1984 and have recently expanded into the 'Davis Smart Storage System' to compliment their removals, freighting & shipping services. A unique storage facility in which we bring the storage module to you eliminating the need for multiple handling and re-packing.
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Moving day - this is an intense day with people tracking back and forth carrying large, heavy items.  One of the biggest causes of accidents and/or breakages is children and pets getting in the way.

We know we can put the pets in a cage or on a leash but there is a strong likelihood that you will get into big trouble if you do the same with your children.

So, Davis has come up with a few things for them to do that will hopefully keep them out of your hair for at lest a little while. Click on the images below to open a colouring page that you can print off for them. Scan and email (or post) the best one(s) into us with the childs name and age and we will display it right here on our website for all to see.