We are a trusted family run business established in Hervey Bay and proudly servicing the community since 1984 and have recently expanded into the 'Davis Smart Storage System' to compliment their removals, freighting & shipping services. A unique storage facility in which we bring the storage module to you eliminating the need for multiple handling and re-packing.
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In regards to the Online Quotes, please consider access to your house or apartment. If there are stairs involved or you have a long steep winding driveway, please inform us as it helps us be prepared for your move. We do not expect to be able to get our large truck up small suburban driveways; however we do expect to be able to get our trucks into your street. If we are not advised of these before your move there may be extra charges to consider, mainly due to the fact that it may take longer than anticipated to carry out your removal and we may be late for another customer. You wouldn't like us being late for your removal, so please keep us informed.

Please don't worry if you feel you have made an error in your estimate of cartons or boxes, as you get closer to your chosen 'Moving Day' you will find that you will be better placed to either confirm or change the number of cartons you have.
If the total only changes by one or two that is fine, but if the number increases or decreases by more than 5 or 6 boxes please inform us as soon as possible so we may adjust your quote accordingly. This is especially important if the number increases as we will have to ensure there is sufficient space on the truck for all your goods. Once you have worked out an estimate of boxes or cartons needed you are ready for the next stage of the moving process - preparing a furniture removal inventory.

Whilst removal cartons are in our opinion the best way to transport your belongings safely, we do not insist that these be used, but in terms of your estimate please be sure to inform us if you are estimating removal cartons or other size boxes as this will affect your quote. A standard removal carton is the same size as the old wooden Tea chest, which is approximately 435 x 410 x 600mm.
If you are still a little uneasy about estimating your carton needs, when you come to complete your inventory, don't enter any cartons and we can estimate for you. If you take this option please be sure to tell us that we need to estimate cartons on your behalf otherwise we will calculate your quotation based purely on what you have told us.

This is one of the harder parts of calculating your furniture removal quotation, as unless you have moved previously or are already packed and ready to go it can be difficult to estimate exactly how many cartons or boxes you will need. We have found that the best way to do this is to estimate your cartons on a room to room basis, as opposed to attempting to make a 'guesstimate' at the end.
By this we mean as you are walking around your home and listing your furniture and belongings try to visualize contents of cupboards and loose items in piles and then count how many piles you think there will be for each room.

1. It is easier to live without the fine china for a few weeks, than it is to be still packing as the removalist is carrying your furniture out of the door.
2. Sell, give away, and dump, anything that you no longer need or want. During my years as a removalist, I have lost count of the amount of people who pay for space on vehicles for furniture that they no longer require. If you no longer need or want these items, now is the perfect time for a clear out.
3. Whilst most removalists will not insist on you using removalist cartons or boxes, I do really want to draw you attention to the pitfalls of using supermarket boxes etc for long distance furniture removals. No matter how good your removalist is he will have to stack these boxes in the removal truck or shipping container, and if they are thin and flimsy, they will collapse during transit.

This may seem obvious to a seasoned removalist, but the most important factor to a stress free move, is to be organised. Start early and pack into boxes as much as you can as soon as you can. Something that we always do is to set out a minimum amount of crockery etc that we can make do with, and then pack the rest.


Whilst you will find many more important guides to a successful move on our web site, the small list below covers most of the important facts;
1. Instead of putting unwanted items in the bin, why not give them to charity.
2. Pack an overnight bag so those essential personal items are close to hand.
3. Check insurance cover whilst your contents are in transit.
4. Redirect mail.
5. Take cuttings of your favourite plants from the garden to take with you
6. Label contents of all boxes ... especially the one marked kettle!
7. Pack as early as possible once your moving date has been confirmed.
8. Make sure you book your removal company well in advance
9. And check where the nearest take away is.


The following moving tips have been supplied by mothers, friends, and some from our own experiences. I hope you will find something helpful to you so that YOUR moving chaos will be less chaotic!

When preparing for a move a great thing to do is pack a week's worth of clothes for each family member in a suitcase or duffel bag, then box up the rest! Pretend like you are going on a vacation. Be sure to leave out a few 'normal' outfits, a couple sets of play clothes, and a couple sets of dressy clothes. This is also a great time to weed out any clothes that no longer fit, are stained, or you never wear.

When boxing up clothes, line the box with a plastic garbage bag. Cardboard can stain clothes, especially if the box gets wet, and when you're moving you never know what's going to happen! After you fill the bag inside the box gather the top of the bag in your hands, squeeze all the air out while pushing the bag down, then twist it closed and tuck the 'tail' down into the box. Because you've squeezed so much air out and squooshed it down you can fit more clothes in the box than if you had just packed them in there without the bag - DIY Space Bags!

Label your box with what room it belongs in and what's in the box. A friend of mine gave me some great advice. Number the boxes as you go, then write down the contents of the box in a notebook. Then, when you need something you can reference your list and know exactly which box the thing you are looking for is in. Just make sure you don't lose the "master notebook".

When labelling your boxes it is a good idea to put a coloured dot on all 5 sides on the box. I had a couple people tell me about this one. In the stationary section of the store they sell coloured dots like this. So, designate one colour for each room and stick dots on the box in the right colour. My sister-in-law said this is really helpful when you are looking for a box for a certain room. You can just train your eye to look for the right coloured dot and find the right boxes a lot faster.

Sometimes when you are moving to a new place, especially one far away, it is intimidating meeting new people and making new friends. One thing you can do when preparing to move is do a Google search of your new area. Find out if there are any mothers groups, or a book club sponsored by the local library, or activities & classes at the community recreation centre. Explore the websites of nearby museums, parks, zoos, and other fun places. See if you can connect with a local church of your preferred denomination and find out about their upcoming activities. Try to "friend" a member or two on Facebook before you arrive. Getting a feel for some of the people and places ahead of time can help make the transition easier!

Now, let's move to the kitchen. Pack up everything in your kitchen except;
• one large & one small pot/saucepan
• one skillet/fry pan
• a can opener
• a 'chef' knife & a paring knife
• a spatula
• a mixing bowl
• a mixing spoon
• a cookie sheet
• a vegetable peeler
• tongs (if you grill a lot, which is quick and easy if you're in the midst of moving)
• a cheese grater
• anything else your family uses a lot to make the type of foods you eat

You might think you can't live without all the other stuff, but believe me...you can! What do you take to cook with when you go camping? That's all you need. Pack up the rest! Then, use paper plates & plastic silverware. It saves you time on clean-up after meals.

All the team at Davis Removals sure hopes these tips will help you in some way.

Kind regards and may your moving day be a joyous one

Craig Davis

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