We are a trusted family run business established in Hervey Bay and proudly servicing the community since 1984 and have recently expanded into the 'Davis Smart Storage System' to compliment their removals, freighting & shipping services. A unique storage facility in which we bring the storage module to you eliminating the need for multiple handling and re-packing.
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Davis Smart Storage

The Storage that comes to you!

The Smart Storage Advantages

Whether you are storing for a few days or a few years, the main criteria for any storage services is that all your goods should arrive back in the same condition they were when you handed them over – clean, dry and unbroken. The Davis Smart Storage System ensures that is exactly what you get and delivers the right results.

The really big advantage with the Davis Smart Storage system is we can bring the modules to your home in a purpose designed truck which allows us to load directly into the modules so that when we return to our warehouse, instead of having to handle all your furniture again, we simply use a special forklift to lift the Davis Smart Storage modules off the truck and put them away inside our secured warehouse.

Our trucks can carry anything from one to five modules in one delivery. This means that we can generally store all your items in just the one trip thereby saving you time and money.

Another time saver and important thing to note is that the Davis Smart Storage System eliminates unnecessary double-handling, and when you reduce the handling, you reduce the risk of damage associated with carrying the furniture.

Our entire storage warehouse is covered by security cameras and is regularly fumigated with an environmentally friendly treatment that will not cause any harm whatsoever to your goods.

The storage of your goods in a healthy and secure environment is absolutely essential in the assurance of them maintaining the same condition they were when originally stored.

Smart Storage Quick Points;

•  Cost effective
•  You only pay for the module (space) you use 
•  Each module holds up to 10m³
•  No double handling (forklift on and off the truck)
•  Safe and secure
•  All furniture remains packed and wrapped for the duration of the storage
•  Environmentally friendly
•  Weather-proof as the modules are always kept under cover
•  Maintains constant temperature
•  Reduces vibration considerably during transit, further reducing the risk of damage
•  Furniture can be packed more securely for transit, again reducing the risk of damage



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